Minimal annual donation is 125.00 kuna.

Association’s goals are determined by the Association’s Statute. Statute and Association’s information and activities are published on the website


Rights and Obligations of the Association’s Members

In case of a traffic accident, member of the Association is obliged to invite the police for an investigation or to prove that an investigation team was not able to come to the accident site for some reason.


Association member has the right to vehicle transportation to the location determined by the Association member or to some other suggested location (the closest car mechanic).


Instructions regarding vehicle transfer location shall be obtained by the call centre at 072 200 300.


Association member has the right to transfer expenses return pursuant to the delivered invoice stating transfer service.


The Association is obliged to organize damage assessment and to deliver a document on the damage assessment to the Association member.


In case when the Association member is not liable for the damage (pursuant to the investigation minutes), the Association obliges to organize payment of damages free of charge.


Before starting court procedure, the Association is obliged to implement necessary expert witnessing (traffic and medical court expert witnessing) and provide its opinion regarding court procedure to the Association member. The Association has to ask the Association member for a written approval in order to start the court procedure.


In case of a court procedure, the Association shall pay the deposit to the selected lawyer for all necessary expenses, including court fees, expert witnessing and other potential expenses which might occur in relation to the court procedure (expenses referring to witnessing in hearings, court delivery expenses etc.).


In case when the Association member is responsible for causing the traffic accident, the Association is obliged to organize free lawyer defence. Defence expense is settled within the misdemeanour or criminal procedure until valid decision.


After registering and paying minimal donation, Association member has the possibility of using mobile application for Android and iOS (iPhone) platforms. The application can be downloaded through App Store and Google Play and it is called Bonus Promet. Downloading instructions for the above mentioned application can be found at


Using this application, the Association member can ask for the call centre assistance 0-24. The application shall send the call centre information regarding traffic accident location. Call centre assistant shall provide all necessary instructions to the Association member who took part in the accident.


After having collected the documentation (investigation minutes, traffic court expert witnessing etc.), the Association can approve interest rate free loan to the Association member if the Association member is not responsible for the damage. Loan amount cannot be greater than the estimated damage amount (assessment made by the authorized court expert witness in the field of traffic and medicine).