Join Bonus Association today and count on us in case of a traffic accident!

If you wish to join Bonus Association, please do it here.

Full membership Associate membership
Donation of minimally 125 kuna per year Without membership fee


Advice of an expert in case of an accident

Free Free

Connection to call centre

Free Free

Transfer of a damaged vehicle by transportation service

Free With additional charge


Lawyer’s services and legal help in all cases

Free, including court fees and expert witnessing expenses With additional charge


Advice of a doctor which has to make an inspection in order to determine real health injuries

Free With additional charge


Interest free loan by the Association for necessary expenses

In certain situations, it is possible even before the damage is paid if the documentation is completely inspected No

Defence in case when the member is responsible for the accident

Free With additional charge


Discount at our partners

Free No

Full membership is activated by paying minimal annual donation – 125.00 kuna.

Donation payment information

Recipient account number:

HR7323400091110793445 Privredna banka

Model and call number: 01 0008568519-1006

Minimal amount: 125.00 kn

For more information, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or through our call centre at 072 200 300.

Please be informed in Business Conditions for Physical Persons.